100% Restoration for TRIO Programs!

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The Council for Opportunity in Education has confirmed that any TRIO program that has made substantial progress and does not have excess carry forward monies will receive 100% restoration in their 2014-2015 budget. What does that mean exactly? This means that TRIO programs will receive the same funding they received back in their 2012-2013 allocation — before sequestration. TRIO programs had the opportunity to reduce the number of students served this past year. Please note, in 2014-2015, programs will need to return to their original numbers served before sequestration.

Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) and Talent Search programs should have started receiving their grant award notifications (GAN) via e-mail. Upward Bound GANs for programs than begin June 1 should be out by the end of this week; all other Upward Bound GANs will be available by August 8; Veterans Upward Bound GANs will be available by August 28; McNair GANs will be out by the end of July; and Student Support Services GANs will be out in early June.

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