University of Oregon Celebrates McNair Presentations

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Every February, the University of Oregon celebrates the research achievements of its McNair Scholars during the McNair Symposium. These achievements are made possible by faculty mentors who guide scholars through scholarship activities and help prepare them for the challenges and culture of graduate school.

McNair Scholars participate in paid summer research internships in their fields of study. During the internships, students are involved in original research culminating in a presentation of their findings. Held winter term, the McNair Symposium provides a public forum for students to share their work with peers, mentors, faculty and staff, family members and the general public.

In addition, the University of Oregon Department of Psychology recognized five McNair Scholars:

Kristina Lowney – Feelings of Belonging and Future Persistence in STEMDr. Sara Hodges, Mentor

Tonya C. Hansberry – Sequelae of Maternal Trauma: Attachment Relationships and the Development of Empathy in the Next Generation ~ Dr Jennifer Ablow, Dr. Jeffrey Measelle, Xiaoning Sun, Mentors

 Megan Carson – Age difference in a “Short Long-term Memory” System for Visual Information ~ Dr. Ulrich Mayr, Atsushi Kikumoto, Mentors

 Bradley M. Boyce – Passive Carryover and Conflict Triggered Regulation: Differences in Early Visual Components ~Dr. Ulrich Mayr, Dr. Don Tucker, Mentors

 Stefani Paige Evans – Mother-Preschooler Interactions Measured Using the Structural Analysis of Social BehaviorDr. Maureen Zalewski, Dr. Elizabeth Skowron, Mentors

Original stories posted here on February 15, 2017.